(self-initiated, timeline: after-work hours)
(scale exagerated for maximum effect)
Have an app that can track my washing cycle of the coin-washer/dryer on my block + eliminate need for coins.​​​​​​​
Analysis & Goals

The design of this app is ultimately aimed at eliminating the need for physical coins, replacing them with a digital wallet as well as gaining access to the timer of the washer/dryer. Ultimately, the requirements are: eliminate coins, pay via phone and know how much time I have left on the machine's cycle I selected.
Joshua does laundry every weekend morning. As he grabs his laundry basket to head over to the laundromat on his block, he grabs nothing but his keys and phone. Once there, he checks his phone to see which machines are available or about to be done. He loads his clothes into one of them and pays through his phone which now remembers all the machines and their timers allowing him to go back to his apartment and eat breakfast before he needs to head back to put his clothes in a dryer. 
Throughout a variety of low fidelity sketches and wireframes, it became clear that being able to see the 
To avoid the issue of the "infinite swipe", an if-then rule would be implemented: if the list exceeds a certain number of machines, then the list will be converted to a grid, in order to fit more information on a single page and minimize the amount of swiping necessary.

The selected machine is highlighted and begins to show the countdown as a "loading" graphic. For machines in use, this graphic showing the time left will appear as well, but the machine's graphic itself will not be highlighted - rather faded out.
Final Screens
Style Guide
Solving problems for oneself can lead to some of the best solutions: after all a personal struggle can usually make the solution even more obvious. However, working in isolation does provide a certain amount of well.. isolation, and less universal usability.
At the same time, in this project I wanted to explore some use of neumorphism. While the style can be attractive, its downfalls in usability are obvious. Being able to pair it with flat minimalism and still come up with a product that allows for some spatial reading was the goal. To this extent, I'd argue that neumorphism does merit to be revived further, perhaps just with enough precautions to keep up with WAI's standards, to make beautiful interfaces accessible to all.
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