Mixed Realities at Home
(competition entry, timeline: after-work hours)

Thinking beyond our own reality of the Vitruvian Man where we can control machines from the comfort of our home, as well as meet people from across the globe in our living room are all possibilities within our current reach. Asking what’s possible isn’t nearly as important anymore as questioning the meaning of our interactions with others as well as with the machines we use to extend our existence. Our home becomes not only a place of rest and refuge, but a place of production and socializing all within a drastically novel yet familiar reality.
The project of a mixed reality home isn’t that of a physical or digital setting. It isn’t that of the features or capabilities of the hardware or software either. The design of this extension of our home is about our experience. How will we design our experience of this novel reality so that it’s both intuitive and easy to use?
This project doesn't serve to answer some of these difficult questions. The hope is to start a conversation with others and within my own work about the new realities we are currently starting to occupy, and collectively develop, both from the production as well as user side, the best experience possible.
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