The Life of a Pup

First of all, I wanted to thank you, the reader, for making it this far into the adventures of Gigi. As a reward, you can find pictures of Ginger (Gigi) below, from some of her earliest moments in 2020 to now being a full grown pup but still exploring the world with unending curiosity. I wish to you that your curiosity in discovering the world never ends, and that what you learn along the way can be made useful to you and others around you.
Finally, no work can be done in complete isolation: nearly all projects require help and feedback from others. In this spirit, feel free to leave behind any feedback, favorite moments of the book, or stories you wish you could've read about, in the box at the end of this page. I will make sure to give you a shout-out in my next book, if one materializes.
Thank you!
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