Blue Pansy Butterfly Lodge
project completed for Apollo Design Studio
Shortlisted in the "Mega Dunes Eco Lodges - Abu Dhabi" competition, this entry treats the idea of an eco lodge as a hybrid between a hut and a tent. Inspired by Blue Pansy butterfly eggs, the huts act as minimal units with an openable top to take in the starry skies of the desert, untouched by light pollution. Below are the actual slides from my submission on behalf of Apollo Design Studio.

On the right is a quick travel path diagram of tourists visiting the eco lodge:
1. departure from urban center
2. arrival at common space, check-in
3. retire to private hut
4. waking up in private hut
5. rendezvous in common space with tour guide
6. travel to other parts of desert, discovering fauna, dunes etc.
7. waking up in private hut
8. food is served in restaurant overlooking the landscape with Oryx

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