Aggie Square 
1.1 million sqft project consisting of lab spaces, classrooms, auditoriums, offices, cafes, coworking spaces and more, currently under construction in UC Davis's Sacramento Campus (see for project's website).
While leading the BIM effort and organization, I heavily contributed to the construction documents and drawings that eventually allowed us to get a permit for construction, the administration of which I am currently co-leading with a couple coworkers. With around 50 consultants, and an internal team of at one point nearly three dozen people for both C&S and TI, working with the general contractor and their subcontractors continues to be a tremendous effort to bring this project to reality. 
above: Aerial view of the project consisting of 3 separate buildings, each with its own focus. All images have been produced for ZGF by professional renderers, with ZGF models and oversight (which I was heavily involved in).
above from top left, left to right: view of LLL's East entry (Life Long Learning), view of LLL's West entry and LSTE-E in the background (Lab Science Technology and Engineering East), view from LSTE-W portico towards LLL, view of Lab buildings.
above clockwise from top left: 2nd floor of LLL (classrooms and study space with opening onto main indoor paseo within LLL), hangout space within LLL's lobby and staircase leading to auditorium, LSTE-E cafe on ground level, upper floor huddle space within LSTE-E.
This project is currently under construction which I am helping to lead alongside a couple coworkers. During the Construction Administration phase, there continues to be many opportunities for creative design solutions that can result in a more beautiful project, including room for cost reduction.
If you'd like to see more pictures of renderings or construction itself, or hear more about my roles on this project, please schedule an interview via email.
right: picture of me inspecting construction progress on site.

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