What I love about self-initiated projects is the freedom to experiment with product ideas that might never make it to reality, but projects that I have always been thinking about. This is one of them. The idea of designing a mouse resurfaced through my small California beach rock collection, my glider classes (and gliders themselves), and the idea of tactility in design.
One of the most important lessons from a project as simple, fun, and quick as this one, was the amount of detail that truly matters when it comes to interacting with an object at this scale. After having 3D printed many versions with overall dimensions and sizes of curvatures just millimeters apart, it becomes clear how crucial iteration truly is, as even the slightest differences influence the comfort of resting one's hand on this pebble-like mouse. While this is just a conceptual project, the excitement over finding the right shape is still present.
It also allowed to underline in my mind that no matter what project I'm working on, from 1 million square feet lab buildings, to an object that fits in my hand, the importance of scale is always there. Looking at the product from a distance as well as inspecting it under a magnifying glass, and using that to inform the next decisions, iterations, and overall work, truly is the design process itself.
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