Chair Design: FR50
I love having sketches and models explain my process. To explain the reason behind this project does however require some words. So as Ryan Reynolds would ask... but why? For many designers, a chair is a statement: it deals with some of the most simple yet real structural issues, and offers constraints within which the expression of every designer can be captured and ultimately serve as a defining piece of work. I'm not sure if this is the piece of work that ultimately defines me as a designer, or if I want it to define me but I do think that it gives allusion to some of the general principles I believe in, such as symmetry, repetition of elements, and proportions that can make an object beautiful yet not scream for attention. Some designers want to have a bold statement. I think design could be used as a tool to a goal, not as a final destination. Quietly present and functional.
Below, a picture of the final mockup of the FR50 chair.
Furniture design has always been an interest of mine, ready to grow into a passion. While not necessarily certain if this is the time in my career that I'd want to focus fully on furniture design, I can certainly see it becoming a major hobby in retirement, or perhaps even sooner if the right opportunity would come around.
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