Changing rooms for a thermal bath
The bubbles softly glide and whisper through the long violin threads of Camille Saint-Saens's Aquarium. In the deep dark, at the bottom of the ocean floor, only strings of light poke a planula. Small disks form, each one a future medusa, slowly struggling to separate itself from the others.
And then it takes off, slips through the shadows to the light. Life drifts once again through the filaments of ocean current. With grace, with no hurry, it finally moves, peacefully through the vastness of the deep blue. 
Cabins open and close by pushing on its entrance wall sideways. Once pushed, on side opens, and the other closes. One sees the occupant's feet, once it is actually occupied. Negative space is used as storage. Positive, as seating, hanger or shelf. Mirror is woven into the structure. 
The grip of a woven basket from childhood and its crackling sounds, spreads through the vast open space, from the North glass facade of the hall. Soft wood contrasts with the cold, white painted steel.
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