Boston Pavilion
In collaboration with Duncan Steele (2020 B.Arch Cornell), this project is a structural study of the Boston Pavilion, which was designed to be used for large musical events. The large span of the structure enabled by the massive truss and light-as-air tension connections between the fabric membrane and ground plane creates an unobstructed interior that is ideal for housing this type of large event (seating capacity for approx. 5k). In 1999, known first as Harbor Lights, the Boston pavilion opened to public. It was originally located on the site of the current US District Courthouse at Fan Pier. The buildings situation along the water as huge truss and mast system creates visual parallels with ship sails, while in elevation the gentle curvature of the fabric membrane speaks to a soft wave enveloping the relatively uninspired box “site” of the soundstage. The project reads as though the form has been draped over a found building, an illusion produced by the trusses of the soundstage being entirely obscured from view by the membrane.
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